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Sue PepinSue Pepin
21:15 29 Apr 24
Yhe staff are the best! So friendly and helpful always welcoming
Mathew SmithMathew Smith
22:16 19 Apr 24
Joel HansonJoel Hanson
18:50 18 Apr 24
One of my favourite restaurants over the past 15 years. Today was my last, never again at almost $30 for soup sandwich and drink.
M 7M 7
17:20 21 Mar 24
Marc LaurentMarc Laurent
00:04 16 Mar 24
Sandwich with fresh bread, plenty of options, overall quite good. And good service.
Cherie La BrashCherie La Brash
20:57 01 Mar 24
I came on a Friday afternoon. There was 10 people deep in line. The 3 people behind the counter were soo efficient. Nobody waited very long. But let me tell you any kind of wait is worth it for this place. The sandwiches sooo fresh and tasty. The soups super yummy. I had an amazing experience and highly recommend this restaurant.
Zack KennedyZack Kennedy
07:10 01 Mar 24
Gathering blankets, pillows, clothes, drinks, and snacks from home, I called Dad's soup and sandwich shop. June, the owner, generously agreed to prepare 15 sandwiches with fresh bread for us to distribute to the homeless.Meeting June in person, she expressed admiration for our actions and shared her contact information for future collaborations. Accompanied by my 6-year-old and 3-year-old sons, we ventured downtown Victoria, where we encountered 44 individuals in need. The gratitude they showed touched our hearts deeply.It was a profound experience for the boys, teaching them the importance of kindness and non-judgmental love in making a positive impact on the world. We look forward to meeting again soon. Thank you so much, June, for your kindness and support. Let's continue spreading love and doing what we can. 🌟🙏💓
Bé ĐậuBé Đậu
21:35 26 Jan 24
Very big portion, two of us share 1 turkey sandwich. Strongly reccommended if u go to Langford
Miles WaghrayMiles Waghray
22:31 19 Jan 24
Tried this place for the first time today and loved it. It is a cute little soup and sandwich shop. Everything is fresh and mostly made in house. The bread is freshly baked in house, turkey is roasted in house and soups are made from scratch. They do run out of certain things later in the day, so best to go earlier. Also, very friendly and sweet staff.
Kodi JKodi J
20:46 10 Jan 24
Literally the best soup and sandwiches in town and such friendly service too. I have never gotten a soup from here I didn’t like. I also recently tried their sandwiches… omg… the sourdough bread is so soft and fresh. Amazing! Would highly recommend their Italian wedding soup if they have it on - so flavourful. Good for the soul!!!
Rodger CartagenaRodger Cartagena
21:29 21 Dec 23
Asked for Chipotle sauce on a grilled cheese it wasnt included in the price (yet i paid $20.30 for the combo)....if you like a dry..crusty sandwich with two pieces of mediocre cheese. Come to this place. I asked the eastern European food handler about this issue...and they told me.."everyone knows that sauces aren't included in the price". I told the food handler to perhaps change their sign. So this way *everyone* will know what they expect to have out of this place. It used to be amazing...save your money folks..go elsewhere.
Gregory BeaumontGregory Beaumont
21:37 20 Dec 23
Always delicious
John AtalickJohn Atalick
02:19 19 Dec 23
Annette SmithAnnette Smith
14:07 09 Dec 23
Amy GrundyAmy Grundy
07:39 28 Nov 23
Way overpriced almost 7 bucks for 2 cans of pop
Robin VRobin V
17:20 03 Nov 23
I ordered the Reuben sandwich and it's one of the best I've ever had. The portions are large and worth every penny.
Kitschy DevilKitschy Devil
19:56 06 Oct 23
Wow, huge value for money! Delicious. The bread is freshly baked in house!
21:18 02 Jun 23
Great clam chowder. Friendly Staff. Great sandwich in a niceclean restaurant. Only thing to mention is the one girl behind the counter (glasses) talks very loud and too much, in that thecustomers can hear every word she says while enjoying their meal.
T SmithT Smith
20:28 04 Mar 19
Just visiting the Island from a freezing cold Edmonton, AB and today is my last day here before heading east again. I googled 'best soup and sandwiches near me' and this is what came up so I thought I'd give it a try. I expected a small 'mom and pop' type place and that's what I got. Great homemade bread, great homemade soups, great sandwich, great staff. What threw me for a loop was the Military memorabilia when I walked inside. As a Veteran, it's awesome to see support for the troops, but in the case of this place, I knew people who sailed on a number of the ships and submarines represented here and that choked me up. The only thing I couldn't find was the plaque representing my ship though, unless it was hiding; HMCS Provider.You have a great place here, I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and should I be back on the Island in the future, I'll come again.Thank you
lANGFORD’s Most Loved!​


We Are a Local Sandwich and Soup House since 2003​

Here at Dad’s we like to treat you like family.
We take pride in serving you and making you feel at home.  It all starts with our very friendly servers and then continues with our Authentic Home-made scratch comfort food made with love and you leaving with a full belly and a smile on your face.


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